About Us

Turngeek press was founded by two IT geeks from Germany: Martin Schmollinger and Marcus Schiesser.

Martin is professor for computer science at the Reutlingen University and Marcus is working as a software development manager for Kosmos Systems in Taiwan. Together we pursuit to combine the best of two worlds: The academical insight and the hands-on mentality that is sometimes needed for enterprise software development.

We both are using Java till its first release in 1996 (oh nearly 20 years…) and with turngeek we hope to spread the knowledge we gathered during all these years and eventually also turn you in a geek.

Together we were writing the first German book on Java EE 7: Workshop Java EE 7 which was rated 4.5 of 5 stars on amazon. Inspired by the success of this book, we think we are ready to continue our mission by self publishing our upcoming books.

We hope you like this idea – If you encounter any troubles, please contact us at: support@turngeek.press.

Further, if you like our idea of Cloud Tutorials and would like to publish one on our platform don’t hesitate to contact us either.